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Carsonville’s Best Soil Amendment Resource

Nature’s Best Topsoil and Compost LLC utilizes a composting process to turn organic waste into valuable fertilizer. Farm-based compost is a living, aerobic group of organisms. With careful cultivation and monitoring from our soil biologist, the finished product contains a specific ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash (carbon) per yard. Throughout this process, the compost is blended and turned every three days, and monitored for temperature and proper element ratios. This process typically takes 8 weeks, depending on outside temperatures.

The finished product is rich, farm-based compost with virtually no odor. The ratio of your desired compost can be altered to produce special blends depending on your horticulture needs. Our soil biologist can help with blend recommendations for whatever you are trying to grow. By using one of our naturally blended products it will help amend the soil and add more holding capacity for nutrients and moisture. If you grow it, our company experts can help you germinate it!

Types of compost available

Because we know that not everyone needs compost for the same reasons, we have created several kinds. We currently have three different compost types that we specialize in. They include:

Hand gardening tools

Mid-grade compost 1:1:1

This is a blend of pen-pack (an industry term for dairy, horse, sheep, and goat manure), plus straw and wood chips/sawdust, creating a finished product ratio of 20% nitrogen, 20% phosphorous, and 20% potash per yard of compost.

  • Ideal for vegetable gardens and flower beds
  • Three yards per acre is recommended for best results. Quantity required may vary.

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Tractor turning fertilizer

Poultry compost 2:3:2

This is a smaller blend of pen-pack with more poultry manure, plus straw and wood chips and sawdust creating a finished product ratio of 40# nitrogen, 60# phosphorous, and 40# potash per yard of compost.

  • Ideal for agricultural farming
  • Two yards per acre is recommended for best results. Quantity required may vary.

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Plants growing

Chicken litter (manure)

This material contains a much higher level of nitrogen.

  • Ideal for agricultural farming
  • 1 to 2 ton per acre is recommended for best results. Quantity required may vary.

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Do you have questions about our compost or our compost process? If you want to understand more about the types of compost we provide, or why our compost is desirable, please call us to inquire.

Fertilizer delivery

Soil amendment advice

Our company works with clients of all sizes to make sure your compost needs are met. We have many large businesses that order from us, but we also fill countless small orders for customers who are looking for quality compost options.

If you aren’t completely certain of the type of soil amendment that would work best for your project needs, please contact our knowledgeable staff at the office in Carsonville, MI. We are always available to talk with customers about their specific requirements and make recommendations based on that discussion. We are here to help!